Cancellation Policy

In an effort to protect our doctors’ schedules and maintain reasonable fees and adequate staffing for all patients, we have introduced a missed appointment fee in our practice. Unfortunately, we already accept a compromised fee schedule with many patient insurances and cannot accept the expenses associated with missed insurance visits. Modern times put undue pressure on all medical providers to streamline care and to be efficient with staff and doctors’ time.

Missed appointment (or insufficient notice):        $15.00 per instance

Each consecutive missed appointment (or 3+ in one year) may require an additional $30.00 “holding fee” in order to reschedule.

For every patient that misses an appointment without providing proper notice, another patient is prevented from receiving care. We will charge a missed appointment fee for all missed appointments (“no shows”) and appointments which are cancelled without sufficient notice.

“No Show” fees will be billed to the patient. This fee is not covered by insurance and the bill should be paid upon receipt. Two consecutive missed appointments or multiple “no shows” in a 12-month period may require you to pay an additional $30.00 “holding fee” in advance of scheduling your next appointment to reserve your space. This “holding fee” will be applied as a credit to your account when our appointment policy is met.

We understand there may be times when an unforeseen emergency occurs, and you may not be able to keep your scheduled appointment. There are times too when we as a practice struggle to stay on schedule and see all patients in a timely manner; these fees are designed as courtesy to our staff and all of our patients. We view this agreement as a partnership between the practice and each patient.

All fees will be billed to your account. Your insurance will not adjust any missed appointment fee. Please do not ask for missed appointment fees for any insured exams to be waived or adjusted by the practice or your doctor.